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ATTENTION: Learn how to contribute to and get featured in MAJOR publications such as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and others in just 6 weeks!
How To Start A Wildly Profitable 6-7 Figure PR Business & Get Featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur And Others In 45 Days Or Less
Rafi Chowdhury
Personal Branding & PR Expert
Experienced PR Consultant & Columnist for over 16 major publications.
We only have 2 SPOTS LEFT... , and we estimate they will all be gone in 48 hours.
How To Start A Wildly Profitable 6-7 Figure PR Business & Get Featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur And Others In 45 Days Or Less
We only have 2 SPOTS LEFT... , and we estimate they will all be gone in 48 hours.
Rafi Chowdhury
Personal Branding & PR Expert
Experienced PR Consultant & Columnist for over 16 major publications.
USUALLY $2,994 BUT FOR TODAY ONLY $997 or 4 Monthly Payments of $297
Introducing "The 0 To Famous In A Year Training Accelerator"
The 0 To 1 Feature and PR Training Course is a proven and tested online implementation program which 
teaches you exactly how to start a wildly profitable 6-7 figure PR business and get featured in major news 
outlets in 45 days or less.
I work with 7 personal brands each month.

 That’s it.

Just 7.

And I take their brands from 0 to famous on the internet within 1 year.

What I have done for myself in 6 years, I help them achieve in just 1 year by sharing every hack, tactic, and industry secret I have learned on a silver platter.

If you qualify and I choose to work with you, this is what you can hope to achieve in a year.

The power of having your work featured in major outlets.
And this is what the exposure did to my social media:
And my website has had hundreds of thousands of hits...
Get Your Business Exposure On 100+ Authority News Sites
It took me 6 years to build this sort of credibility online.

But, I have come to realize, if I just had a mentor telling how and what I need to try and what I don’t, I could have done all of this within just 1 year.
If you qualify and I choose to work with you, this is what you can hope to achieve in a year.
So, how do I kickstart your branding online?

I have been regularly featured to millions of people all over the world in 
places like: 
So, how do I kickstart your branding online?

The information is available online in a content portal and provided via videos and PDF's. You can complete the training in your own time from anywhere in the world and even fit it in around a 9-5 job. There are 2 weekly coaching calls (each 1 hour long) that you must be able to commit to also.

This is not your typical "course". This is a proven implementation program where you follow steps to setup your very own wildly profitable 6-figure PR business within 5 weeks time. I take you by the hand, throughout the process, and give feedback on your work along the way.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any writing skills, PR contacts, or digital marketing skills, everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program by via weekly training calls.

Introducing "The 0 to 1 Feature and PR Training Accelerator"
0 To 1 Feature
Detailed full-featured article of at least 1,000 words which tells your brand’s story from a 3rd party unbiased point of view (Published on
 Potential to rank on page 1 of Google for your name or brand name
 Chace to come to a one-on-one Facebook LIVE and YouTube video where we interview you and dig deep into your business and the secrets to your expertise
 Do-follow permanent backlink from our domain authority 30 website
 A well-written article related to your brand (or you can give us your article)
 Social share to 250,000 Twitter followers of our brands
 Social share to 70,000 LinkedIn followers of our brands
 Social share to 90,000 Facebook followers of our brands
 Social share to 2,000 Google+ followers of our brands
 Seen by our 30,000 monthly unique visitors of our blog
One-on-One Coaching With Rafi Chowdhury
 Two 1-hour-long one-on-one coaching calls with Rafi each week (Columnist on Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed, StartupGrind, Business2Community, and more)
 Full access to video training modules, webinars, pitch templates, PR contacts, and introductions to journalists
 Personal help writing pitches to editors, press releases, storytelling, and press release distribution
 Invitation to join my private Mastermind which has the largest population of columnists of major publications (more than 5,000 current members)
 Access to my training video series (more than 1,500 memberships sold), which teaches you everything from how to get press coverage with a $0 PR budget to how to become a contributor on publications such as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Success, and others
 The Ultimate Book of Press Contacts, which is a list of contacts of Editors at major publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, CNN, New York Times, Wired, Mashable, and more (My 6 years of network and connections handed to you on a silver platter)
 The Definitive Guide to Link Building For SEO Agencies (2018 Update) [e-book] (Sold on Amazon for $9.97, but yours for Free with your membership)
 My personal cell phone number and weekly coaching calls where I take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to craft your pitch, how to write an article which fits the guidelines of that particular publication, which editor or columnist to reach out to, introductions to editors I have built relationships with, and much much more
In just six weeks here's what you'll get:
Week One: How To Tell A Story That Sells
 How to craft a unique story that not only resonates with your target audience but also gets accepted by the editors
 The Do’s and Don’t Of Storytelling
 How to get paid at least $2,000 /month by cold prospecting and closing clients looking for copywriters
 Most people spend 3+ years on this and still get it WRONG! This is the foundation of your PR hustle and it is fatal if you don’t get it right
Week Two: How To Build Relationships With Freelance Journalists And Editors
 How to build high quality and meaningful relationships with editors and freelance journalists so that you can leverage them to open the gates to getting published on their publications
 I have built over 1,500 relationships and contacts and have truly MASTERED this and refined it to a methodology and book. You get my actual book of Press contacts which has the exact pitch templates I use and contact information of editors at publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and more
 Recorded calls showing you *exactly* how to talk to leads and journalists like a master
 How to search and find freelance columnists via LinkedIn. I show you exactly how I use scraping tools to scrape contact info of journalists and then send them emails and / or get on a phone call with them. If you do not know how to search for tons of writers at different publications, you won’t have a very good shot at getting your story into that publication. 
Week Three: 3 Fast Ways To Get Media Mentions Organically Using HARO and Muck Rack
 3 Proven methods for getting press coverage as quickly as possible without spending a dime on PR Agencies or having to bribe columnists   
 I want to get you your first press coverage within the first 30days of starting this training program before even thinking about paying for PR, and this is how I do that! 
 Method 1 - Direct Phone Call (proven template)
 Method 2 - Direct Outreach Email (proven template)
 Method 3 - Organic FB Posts (proven template)
 Most people take 6months to 1 year before they land their first organic media mention. I get you rocking within your first 21 days of starting this program and without spending a dime on PR agencies!
Week Four: Setting Up Your Email Outreach Engine and Automation Using Virtual Assistants
 Full step by step training on how to setup our proven email outreach machine
 Templates of all the emails so you just copy and paste them with a few clicks!    
 My script and slides for the “Value Video” so you just swap out my information for your information (Model off me…)
 Access to all the websites and softwares required to set this up so that it works just like mine
 To build this yourself would take over 300 hours and cost you over $50,000. In this training program I hand you it all on a silver platter and I get you up and running within the first 28days!
Week Five: Creating Successful PR Campaigns
 Once you’ve got your email outreach machine running it’s time to start building some journalist relationships and scaling your PR business / efforts   
 FULL step by step training on how to setup wildly successful email campaigns that have amazing open rates and get journalists to reply back to you  
 Proven templates for reaching out to freelance PR professionals, instructions on how to do mass outreach without getting restricted by freelance websites, pitfalls to watch out for and training on how to manage everything day-to-day
 I have spent over $50,000 on PR campaigns for myself and have spent over $30,000 learning from the world's best PR professionals and in this module, I boil down everything I have learned and hand it to you on a silver platter
 Most people try PR on their own and spend 6 months and tens of thousands of dollars trying to get it right before giving up with a pile of debt and frustration. I get it dialled in within 5 weeks of working together!
Week Six: Scaling To Get Mentioned in Tier One Publications And Beyond
 In Week 6 I already have you setup and getting organic mentions and now it’s time to scale things up to the next level!
 All the legals you need to run your PR consulting business: contracts, proposal templates, terms and condition etc. (Save $5,000 in lawyers fee’s)  
 How to position yourself as an expert in your industry with getting your own brand press coverage and command higher prices from PR clients
 3 Proven referral systems to get every client you win to refer you to at least 2-3 new ones
 How to hire other people to do your strategy session calls so that you can turn up the volume and get to high 6-figures, even 7-figures!
You Also Get...
 Access to a private mastermind/community of like minded people pursuing the same goals and doing this all over the world (lifetime access...)
 Ability to team up with each other as an “accountability partner” to hold you accountable to get results
 Real life examples of how ALL of this is done so that you can model off of what is currently working instead of starting from scratch and learning from trial and error
 3 Proven referral systems to get every client you win to refer you to at least 2-3 new ones
 How to hire other people to do your strategy session calls so that you can turn up the volume and get to high 6-figures, even 7-figures!
Here's A Summary Of Everything You'll Get:

The PR Consulting Training 6-Week 

Implementation Program ($1,997)

Access To The Mastermind/Community Of 
Others Doing This (Lifetime Access) ($997 Value)

That's a total combined value of $2,994
Today you can gain instant access for $997.

If you do this program you WILL get a high value PR client worth at least $2,000 /month within 42 days and get yourself mentioned in and write for major publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider and more.

If you do this program, take the action and DO NOT get a high value client worth at least $2,000 /month or get into a major publication within 90days, then I will give you a full immediate refund, let you keep the course materials AND the 0 To 1 Feature.

I stand behind this programme 110% and that’s why I am not afraid to make this bold guarantee.
The only way you can possibly lose is by not trying this out!!

Get Started Now Before This Class Fills Up
The offer is usually $2,994 and if you want to purchase at any time other than right now you will pay $2,994
TODAY ONLY you can get access to everything for $997

There are only 7 seats available in this program and once I hit 7 I’m CLOSING this down

YOU must HURRY if you want to secure your seat in this program - this will sell out extremely fast


Meet Some Of My Students And Hear What They Have To Say…
Ashley Qualls
I worked with Ashley Qualls, who became a millionaire by age 17.

So, fame is something she was already used to.
With just one article, she was on page one and 2nd result in a matter of just days.
Think that’s impossible?
Jeet Banerjee
I then worked with serial entrepreneur and TEDx speaker, Jeet Banerjee.

Within a week, my article on Jeet was on page one in the top 5 in search results.

In that same week, I got Jeet mentioned in StartupGrind, Huffpost, and and not only grew his Facebook page by thousands but got it verified also with a blue tick mark.

Don’t think that’s possible?
And here is Jeet and I hanging out at the Oscars Afterparty:
Jeet was so satisfied with what I was able to do for his brand...
Ryan Peck
It has been a lifetime dream of Ryan Peck to become a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and also build his credibility online.

We featured Ryan that week and helped him not only craft his pitch to Entrepreneur Magazine but also help him write the article for him.

Here is what Ryan had to say about his experience working with me:
Mahbod Moghadam
Mahbod is the Co-founder of and Founder of Everipedia. He is an internet sensation and recently partnered up with Larry Sanger (Co-founder of Wikipedia) to take his brand to the next level.

I was able to get Mahbod into Entrepreneur and StartupGrind in just two weeks:

Here is what Mahbod had to say about working with me..
Craig Fernandes and Patriot Threads
Craig reached out to me via Twitter. He and his son launched an apparel company out of their garage which soon began taking off as a popular and trendy brand.

I helped Craig take his company to the next level.

The very next week, Patriot Threads’ story was not only fully covered by Huffpost, but also seen by thousands around the country.
Here is how Craig himself put it...
Dennis Yu
Dennis is the Chief Technology Officer of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults on how to run their own businesses and manage Facebook ads for their clients.

Dennis’s program centers around mentorship, helping students grow their expertise to manage social campaigns for enterprise clients like The Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.

Within 3 days, I was able to get his story into Huffpost.

These are just a FEW of my case studies.
Almost everyone I worked with has been able to hack their credibility online within just days including:
Nicole Badrudeen
Spencer Mecham
Naser Fazlullah
Jordan Gill
Ebony knight
Getting into Startup Grind was a dream of Ebony’s. So, I made it happen:
Getting featured in StartupGrind and getting interviewed in front of a large audience skyrocketed her personal chef business. 

I worked with her one-on-one and showed her exactly how to design her profile in a way that attracts her target audience straight to her Facebook page where she can reach out and call them to set up an appointment. 
Here are a few more PROVEN success stories
They trusted us with their brands, and we took them from 0 to Famous In A Year...
So, the question is, how much does having a killer personal brand online mean for your business?
What difference does it make when you go to pitch yourself?

Do you feel confident enough that when you are negotiating a deal, you can tell your client to just “Google” you and rest assured that what they see is what want WANT them to see?

Think about it this way:

There are 2 ways to make a million bucks.
1. You can spend 20+ years and test and try 100s of different business and ways to make money and sacrifice your whole life for it. You MIGHT make it happen. But like most people, you probably won’t.
2. You can go up to a millionaire and ask him exactly how he did it. Whatever he tells you to do, you go out there and do it. Chances are, you too will probably become a millionaire. If not, you will get pretty darn close to it at least.

It’s kind of similar when it comes to building your brand on the internet.

You can go out there and Google “How to get verified on Facebook”

You can watch YouTube videos on how to become a contributor on Entrepreneur Magazine.

You can read blog posts on how to quickly grow your Facebook fan page and build a highly engaged audience.  

And you can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on trying, testing, PR agencies, and much more.

But, still get no where…

Just like those who try to “figure out” how to make a million dollars without a millionaire mentor.

You can go to someone who has been there, done that, and is giving away six years of trying and testing all to you on a silver platter.

And… he is taking you by the hand with one-on-one coaching to show you how to do it, and doing it with you.

But, the biggest question is:

Do you qualify to get the silver platter?

I work with only seven clients each month.

Just seven.

Not a single one more or less.
Need help getting started or have any questions?
Contact Us At -
Students already enrolled in the course:
Zarar  Amen
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